Quickly and easily visualise and manage the rehabilitation of your TKR patient cohort

  • Patient specific motivation and rehab management
  • Track range of motion, steps and active motion outside of the clinic
  • Collect outcomes throughout care
  • Monitor and visualize patient progress over time
  • Fast, accurate assessment of range of motion
Without high-quality, unbiased, and reliable information, surgeons cannot make informed decisions about how to achieve the best outcome in each clinical situation.

Andrew Carr Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery,
University of Oxford, UK

Lifestyle Medical was founded in 2015. We believe that much recent investment by major orthopaedic organisations is missing the target in terms of improvement of patient outcomes, particularly for patients that undergo knee reconstructive procedures. At present there is a bias towards improving all aspects of the treatment continuum of care apart from one of the most important - the patient in their normal, everyday environment. Once the patient leaves the healthcare facility they are essentially alone in their rehabilitation battle apart from periodic check-ups with their physiotherapist and orthopaedic surgeon.

With the huge upsurge in the "quantified self" movement the time is right to marry emerging kinematic measurement technology with healthcare providers and their patients, thereby empowering a controlled, yet open and honest, patient specific and collaborative rehabilitation journey.

Dr Chris Duke

Managing Director

Dr Micheál Newell

Medical Director